Waterville Horizons Community Connections Downtown Beautification Meeting, Apr. 13, 2011

The group met at the Waterville cafe at 11:30. Several members were unable to attend, but there were 7 of us, and we enjoyed lunch as we met. Here are some meeting notes and editorial comments by 4River.
Thanks to all the people that have been keeping up with our projects and plans, we are grateful for the help.
Jane had an agenda printed up for us to refer to for matters for discussion. She also had copies of our final Fiscal Report from 2010, and the budget so far in 2011. The report was updated with columns for all our projects and programs. We still have money available in the SMIF account, and will be looking for more funding soon, with many needs coming up.
Committee and area reports:
The WHCC Blog page is up and running on a new site that will hopefully protect it from spam and trackbacks to Karen’s personal email. Many thanks to Bjorn Arneson of the U of M Extension service for his help setting up a new page here on WordPress and migrating older messages to the new site. Comments and pictures are always welcome. Karen also gave a short report on the advisory committee meeting held the previous Monday.
The Sakatah Arts Experience has been awarded an Arts and Cultural Heritage grant from the PLRAC (Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council) for this year’s festival. Kim Gossen wrote a successful grant application, and she planned to attend a training meeting in Mankato on Apr. 12. They have also received funds from other groups and from SMIF.
Barrels of Hope has been awarded $400.00 by WCC, paid to Xcel, to fund electric expenses at their location in the basement of the St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Waterville. Bev is open for donations and for “free shopping” on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays. There are no financial requirements to shop and donations are appreciated. I have shopped there and found some nice clothing and other items that I can wear or recycle into usable and decorative items. She has furniture, clothing, food and household items and cleaning supplies. Free will offerings are also accepted.
The Ride Around Town has not been used during the late winter, and we are hoping to revive it soon. We also discussed the Meals on Wheels and Senior Dining, which have also dwindled. Hoping to have more usage, before funding is dropped completely.
Jane is enthusiastic about the Community Garden at Good Samaritan, and feels other areas could be developed around town. She will see to the area being tilled up, and we’ll look for folks who want to use the plot for their own garden experience. She will further plan and work on this project. She noted that some of the folks at Phillipson’s campground expressed interest in the garden.
Downtown Plants have been ordered, and have been planted by River Street Nursery, and if it ever warms up, will be displayed downtown. It’s still early, so it may be a month yet before we see them. The hanging planters will be filled with ivy geraniums and diamond frost euphorbia, those pretty white plants with the tiny flowers, so there will be little deadheading of the hanging plants. The Chamber of Commerce has put out a call for donations for the 22 baskets. Anyone can sponsor a memorial basket and a sign will be put in the plant with the names of the persons involved. Baskets are $37.00 each and will be lovingly maintained by the ladies and gents from the Downtown Beautification group. The barrels will hold a variety of plants like last year. The charge for the plants and planting will be the same as last year. Arlis and Jo had talked to Teresa Hill at the City office, and we are hoping to have a watering cart for our use, and for a hired city worker to water during the summer. We will be responsible for watering on Tuesdays and on weekends. The plan is for frequent fertilizing to encourage the plants to fill in and have less need for deadheading. The wood planters and benches should be cleaned with a high pressure sprayer, and then have a sealing finish applied to them. There will be further discussion on this item. The map of bench and planter locations was reviewed. Plants are emerging in the Community Patio, and there was a suggestion that consumers from Potential Unlimited volunteer to help keep this area clean and weeded.
Welcome to Waterville sign, phase 1, is all paid for, and any further expenses in later phases will be financed by the Chamber and other groups. We discussed the possibility of having low shrubs and plants around the sign.
Val Vail sent a signup sheet for helping to plant 4500 plants by the Sakatah Bay on Fri. May 20, and Sat. May 21, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Waterville Parks Board and LeSueur County have the plants, and the area will be prepped, so all that is needed is volunteers to set the plants. This is another area where beautification and conservation will be used to enhance the appearance of our city. There is also a park cleanup day scheduled for May 7, 9 to noon. There will also be several days of brush chipping by the city shop from May to Oct. These notices were also sent out in residents’ water bill statements.
After a long, cold, snowy winter and now a cool wet spring, we are ready for some color and sunshine. Hopefully that will be here soon, and our projects will take off and we’ll have a fun and busy summer. 4River.


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2 Responses to Waterville Horizons Community Connections Downtown Beautification Meeting, Apr. 13, 2011

  1. John Ridgway says:

    How does one go about sponsoring one of the hanging baskets?

    • 4river says:

      Thanks for your interest. Just call 362-4968, or go downtown to JC Ryan’s store on main street, you can talk to Sue Myers, she’ll have all the details. The Waterville Chamber of Commerce has them planted, and the Horizons Community Connections maintains them. Karen

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